Our NPO’s Missions and Activities

Our NPO’s missions (from Article 3 of our Articles of Incorporation)

1We provide clear and neutral information on “food safety and security” for livers at home or abroad;
2In order to fulfill the above mission, we promote academic studies and scientific enlightenment activities;
3Through these activities, we keep “food safety and security” for livers, and contribute to the sound prosperity of food industries sympathizing our missions.

Our NPO’s Activities

Our NPO “Science of Food Safety and Security” is, with the support from the academic researchers on food safety including professors from Research Center for Food Safety, The University of Tokyo, and other researchers, doing the following activities:

(1)promotion of the researches on food safety and security (contract researches, fostering of researchers, etc.);
(2) scientific enlightenment on food safety and security (arranging, managing and promoting symposiums, seminars, discussion meetings, workshops, or others);
(3) disclosure of clear and neutral information on food safety and security (via the Internet, our quarterly journal, or others);
(4) other additional activities associated with all the above, including convening regular symposiums, publishing the quarterly journal, as well as conducting timely public relations (press releases, update of news in our homepage, etc.).